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Pakri Barwadih, Harazibagh, Jharkhand, India
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Our growth over the years has been built on the bedrock of partnerships. Nearly all our operations are joint ventures either through equity ownership or through contractual arrangements. We follow three models of partnership: ownership through shareholding, ownership and operations management, and finally, operational management. Our growth covers numerous commodities over diversified jurisdictions.

Mandovi Pellets, Goa

Mandovi Pellets

Thriveni is now a major shareholder in Lloyds Metal & Energy ltd., a listed entity. In 2021, Thriveni was appointed as the mine developer & operator for the iron ore mine in Surjagarh, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, by Lloyds. The mine capacity enhanced from 3 MTPA to 10 MTPA, with an ultimate endeavor to reach 45 MTPA of hematite and BHQ. In addition, Lloyds is developing steel making and several downstream infrastructures such as Pellet plants (2 x 4 MTPA), slurry pipeline (87 km) 10MTPA, grinding & pumping of DSO 7 MTPA, BHQ beneficiation plant 10MTPA, slurry pipeline to DIGI port (1050 km) 6 MTPA, steel plant DRI route 1 MTPA, and an integrated steel plant 3 MTPA. The Surjagarh mine provides direct employment to more than 2000 locals.

Ethiopotash | Ethiopia

Thriveni entered into an MOU with XLR Resources to develop the Dallol Project. Dallol is a worldclass fertilizer project. When commissioned it will be within the top 3 SOP producers with a 10% market share. It is located at Dallol in the Danakil Depression in Afar Region in Ethiopia, Horn of Africa.

The mine has a life expectancy of 30+ years, with 12.9 million tonnes of reserves of SOP, and an additional potential resource of 800+ million tonnes of Potash. The total concession area is 0.6 mtpa for SOP production.

Exploration began in 2010 and the mining license was obtained in 2017. Initially jointly owned by Yara International and another entity, in 2022 it was brought under new management.

Dallol Project, Danakil

Lloyds Metals | Maharashtra India

Thriveni is one of the promoter shareholders of Lloyds Metal & Energy Ltd, a listed entity. In 2021, Thriveni was appointed as the mine developer and operator for the iron ore mine in Surjagarh, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, by Lloyds.

The mine capacity was enhanced from 3 Mtpa to 10 Mtpa. In addition, Lloyds is executing steel-making and several downstream infrastructure projects such as pellet plants (2 x 4 Mtpa), slurry pipeline (87 km) 10 Mtpa, grinding & pumping of DSO 7 Mtpa, BHQ beneficiation plant 10 Mtpa, and an integrated steel plant 3 Mtpa.

The Surjagarh mine provides direct employment to more than 2000 locals.

Surjagarh Iron Ore Mine

Pakri Barwadih Coal Mine

Thriveni Sainik

Thriveni Sainik Mining Pvt Ltd (TSMPL) is a joint venture between Thriveni and Sainik Mining & Allied Services Ltd.

In September 2015, NTPC, India’s largest power generation company, appointed TSMPL as its mine developer and operator for the Pakri Barwadih Coal Block in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.

The current production is 12 Mtpa and will be ramped up to 15 Mtpa soon. The project includes one of the longest coal conveyor systems in Asia.

BRPL | Odisha India

In February 2018, Thriveni and JSW Group bought interests in Brahmani River Pellets Limited (BRPL), creating a joint venture with Thriveni managing the operations. It is India’s first low-grade iron ore beneficiation complex with an integrated slime dam.

The plant is located at Kalinga Nagar, Odisha, and iron ore is fed through a 230 km slurry pipeline commencing at Barbil, Odisha.

Subsequent to the takeover, BRPL’s production increased by 33%, and conversion costs decreased by 15%.

The current pellet production is 3.7 Mtpa and serves domestic customers like Tata, BPSL, Pulkit, SMC, MPL and international customers like Posco, Mitsubishi, Sojitz, Glencore, and Cargill.

BRPL Iron Ore beneficiation plant

Jonnagiri Gold Project

Geomysore Services | Karnataka India

In 1994, Geomysore was established as a junior explorer to prospect for gold in India. Amongst its mineral discoveries was Jonnagiri, a NI 43 – 101 compliant gold resource. Jonnagiri has a granted mining lease of over 597 Ha and is currently being developed. Thriveni is the largest shareholder as of today.

The project is estimated to produce 700 kg of gold per year. It would provide 300 direct and 300 indirect employment opportunities in rural Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

PT Thriveni Indo Mining I Kalimantan Indonesia

PT Thriveni Indo Mining (formerly known as PT.MBB) is presently engaged in operations in South Kalimantan at the Satui Coal Project, which falls under the purview of CLS (Arutmin). The project entails a capacity of approximately 45 million cubic meters of overburden (OB) and around 3 million metric tons of coal. Additionally, TIM (Thriveni Indo Mining) is actively involved in an equipment refurbishment project in collaboration with CLS, which encompasses around 51 units of various equipment such as Diggers (EX 3600, EX 2500, and R 984), Dumpers (CAT 785 C and 777 D), Track Dozers (D10 T/R and D8R), and Graders (16 H and 14 M). The objective of this project is to restore and improve the condition of the aforementioned equipment to operational standards.

Satui Project

Jonnagiri Gold Project

CIO Tyres Pvt. Ltd | Jharkhand India

Since becoming a shareholder in CIO Tyres back in 2019, Thriveni has actively participated in the growth of the company. CIO Tyres, known for its expertise in tire rethreading, has been providing exceptional services to Thriveni by rethreading around 3000 tires each year. This collaboration has not only enhanced Thriveni’s operational performance but also efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, Thriveni’s involvement as a shareholder reflects its commitment to supporting innovative and eco-friendly solutions in the mining industry.

CIO Tyres, established in 1952 and located in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, is India’s first and largest tire retreader. Their expertise lies in retreading Off-Highway tires, ranging from scooter tires to the largest earthmover tires available in the country. Tyre retreading costs only 25-30 per cent of a new tire, and the lifespan of a retreaded tire can range from 60-80 percent of that of a new tire, depending on its operating environment.

Lasarda Pacheri | Odisha India

Thriveni, through a successful e-auction, secured the composite license for the Lasarda-Pacheri manganese block. The Lasarda-Pacheri block is known to have significant mineral reserves of manganese. Additionally, it also boasts iron ore reserves which occur in tandem with manganese in this region. The investment plan includes the approval of the mine plan, obtaining environmental clearance, and executing the necessary agreements to commence mining operations.

BRPL Iron Ore beneficiation plant

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