Raikela Iron Ore Mines, Sundergarh, Odisha, India

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Thriveni is a diversified mine developer with operations and projects in India, Indonesia and Africa. Our operating model is bespoke. From mine development services, to investing in businesses, to managing entities, we have focused and grown in challenging environments. Wherever we operate we do so in partnership with local communities, creating prospects and economic benefits for our stakeholders.

Our Regional

Our Journey

Our Journey

Our journey

Our Values


We take a differentiated approach to the challenges our clients face. We actively encourage innovation and lateral thinking, in order to provide unique solutions.


We believe in dynamic action. All our solutions are designed to be flexible, efficient and powerful.

Responsible to all stakeholders

We take responsibility for all our stakeholders. We unequivocally believe that any endeavour undertaken must result in the benefit of all concerned.


We value ambition. The scope and nature of our projects demand ambition, the drive to succeed with the most viable solution.

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