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Thriveni Rebuild Centre, Tatanagar, Jharkhand, India
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The Thriveni

Since 1991, we have been able to overcome the most difficult challenges and deliver efficient outcomes.


Partnership Approach

Our partnerships are at the heart of our business, whether with our customers, ecosystem peers or communities. We treat the interests of partners as our own and work in collaboration to cross any hurdles to collective growth.


Technological Innovation

Our innovation focus streams across everything we do. We deliver technology solutions that are cost-effective, highly-efficient, and appropriate. Our innovative, sustainable rebuild model enshrines the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), combining sustainable engineering development and creating a circular economy, reducing asset intensity and total life cycle costs


Outcome-driven Solutions

We maintain a razor-sharp focus on outcomes. We are result-oriented, navigating any challenges that may present themselves along the journey to success.


Locally-embedded Processes

We cultivate skill sets. Create ecosystems that foster growth. Generate symbiotic sustenance models. Inspire a demographic makeover. We ensure seamless operations by turning the local communities into our partners-in-growth. 
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