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Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

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The Thriveni Rebuild Centre is a unique, innovative and unparalleled engineering and manufacturing facility that can rebuild HEMMs across global OEMs.

It has successfully refurbished more than 1000 HEMMs, including 300 tonne trucks and 40 cubic metre shovels.

Its capabilities include NDT, sophisticated machine testing, wiring harness, and engine and hydraulic test benches.
It is powered by a strong, highly networked and globally sourced procurement process that ensures the right components are always available.
Our HEMMs emit 85% less carbon than newly-manufactured machines.
The centre has enabled the company to save more than USD 4.5 billion so far. It has also achieved a 255% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Committed To Innovation

The Thriveni Rebuild Centre in Jamshedpur was conceived to save natural resources and use equipment to its maximum limit, by increasing machine life and adopting safety standards for ‘Rebuild, Reconstruct and Reuse.’ The key metrics adhered to are the LPF (Life-prolonging factor) and MLBF (Mean Life Before Failure) which benefit both the environment and the industry.
All our equipment is tested to industrial and OEM standards of safety and engineering before shipping. Our activity increases the equipment life by optimising the production cost.
Our innovative, sustainable rebuild model enshrines the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), combining sustainable engineering development and creating a circular economy, reducing asset intensity and total life cycle costs.
Built with the future in mind, this ‘do it all’ facility can repair and rebuild almost any critical component including:

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