HEMM Rebuild and Maintenance

We have built the world’s best state-of-the-art workshop for refurbishment at Tatanagar, East India. The facilities in this workshop include Engine Test bench which can test up to 4000 Hp engines, Eddy current dynamo meter and transmission test bench. This workshop is built on 25 acres land and has two divisions one is Shovel/Excavator/Loader section and the other one is dumper section.

Rebuild Centre Facilities: Thriveni is the first mining company that established its own rebuild centre to refurbish the biggest mining equipment. We follow the separate Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for different set of equipment. Our main focus is that we buy old used equipment from overseas and bring it here to refurbish. While refurbishing, each component will be thoroughly checked and repaired by our internal team in an organized manner.

Our Commitment towards a Sustainable Environment

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