Waste Dump Management and Plantation

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Waste Dump Management
Waste dumps are being stabilized with the application of coir geo-textiles, plantation on dump slopes etc. All the dumps are provided with a retaining wall at the toe of the dumps followed by garland drains and settling ponds at the corner of each dump and strategic locations to drain the water away from working areas. Catch drains and siltation ponds of appropriate sizes have been constructed to arrest silt and sediment flow from the soil, OB and mineral dumps. The water collected is used for watering the mine area, roads, green belt development etc. The drains were regularly de-silted and maintained properly.

The mine-specific projects follow the IBM, SPCB and MoEF&CC guidelines for plantation purposes, on a yearly basis, before the onset of the monsoon. The afforestation requirements are met by a centralized nursery with a capacity of one lakh, with native plant species that can absorb dust and noise. The program begins on World Environment Day, with pit digging, bush cleaning, benchmarking along with mine-specific plantation, and the distribution of fruit-bearing and other saplings to local schools and villages.

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