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The Indian government has set a target to increase India’s steel output to 300 million tonnes by 2025.

The proposed projected growth of the steel industry would impart tremendous pressure on railways and trucks concerning inward and outward traffic, loading and evacuation of raw materials and finished products which would increase pollution significantly.
Hence, an alternative transport method is required.

Slurry transportation of iron ore concentrate through pipelines is an environment-friendly, non-intrusive and efficient method for ore transportation.

Our slurry pipelines (part of our iron ore pellet manufacturing entity) are highly environment-friendly as they reduces demand on existing burdened road and rail networks, thereby reducing our footprint through reduced fossil fuel emissions.

Quick-dispatch system

Our in-house engineer developed the concept of a Quick Dispatch System to weigh the particular material going into a lorry or tipper.

With the help of this system, exact weighing was made possible at the loading point and the required challan was issued immediately. Loading of materials beyond the permissible limit was also eliminated by using this system.

Earlier 35 tippers were loaded per hour. Now with this system, 70 tippers are loaded per hour. Safety has tremendously improved at the loading point, as the vehicular movement has become regularized and an accident-free zone has been established.

Along with the water mist arrangement, the quick-dispatch system helps with dust suppression.

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