TEMPL Sports Academy: Thriveni Sports Academy established on 18th February 2017 at Thriveni Industrial Security Academy (a brain child of our Managing Director Mr. B Prabhakaran, to induct the tribal youth into the social main stream thus making them Self-reliant), kendudihi in the district of Keonjhar Odisha, with the purpose of promoting the tribal population of mining lease and nurturing the hidden rural talent in various sporting discipline like Archery, Athletics, Football and Taekwondo. The sports academy is the flagship program launched by Thriveni CSR sports department to encourage the rural sports among the under privileged youth. Training for State to Inter-National Level tournament participation is given free of costs at Thriveni Sports Academy. And also free food and transportation from school to training academy is provided. Six Schools in the district of Keonjhar Odisha participates in Thriveni Sports Academy. These are Loidapada Ashram School, Guali Ashram School, Guali UPME School, Panduli UKUP School, Topadhi School and Guali High School. Fitness test is conducted for selection of participants, currently 62 children under the age of 12 are the students of Thriveni Sports Academy in different sports.