Surjagarh Iron Ore Mines

Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, India


To commence mining activity in a region facing the threat of Naxalities.


Whilst recognizing the dangers and challenges of investing and working in a Naxalite zone barely 10 km from a ‘no man’s land’, Thriveni took the plunge with an undeterred belief that working with local communities as partners and fairly sharing the created wealth, would bring not only an acceptance but also champion the cause for economic activities and thus negate the cause of the outlaws. That belief came from previous operating experiences but no other jurisdiction has been as dreaded as this one.


Within a span of a few months 2000 locals, and counting, were employed in mining, logistics, downstream and associated infrastructure. To be employable meant many cultural and attitudinal changes, as industrial activities require discipline and a professional work culture. Ongoing training and bespoke awareness programmes and, partnership with local NGOs ensure the local community upgrades its skills and remains motivated. Locals have come out in strength to demonstrate their support and aspiration to secure for their children and themselves a better future.

The partnerships in such an operating environment are unique, being multifaceted. From local communities to local political engagement to support from the administration, all working towards a common goal of ushering in economic development. With this has come more efficient government spending on its own intended schemes which had traditionally not been observed in this region.

While the Naxalite threat is far from gone, our beliefs and our partnerships provide us the strength to make a difference.

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