Technology and Innovation

Fleet Monitoring System: FMS is a centralised monitoring system by which the activities happening in the various mines will be monitored and studied at centralised control room. FMS has really helped us to identify the unproductive time in hauling and subsequently we have taken the correct measures to reduce the Idle time which in turn increases the productivity and operating cost also been reduced proportionately.


Quick Dispatch System: Quick Dispatch System (QDS) was introduced to reduce the time and increase the despatch efficiency. QDS concept was introduced by Thriveni in Odisha. Earlier days, there were no quantity adjustment system for the trucks which carries Iron ore from mine to outside so trucks used to return back to loading point whenever underloaded/overloaded. Hence, we built QDS structure in such way that a platform comes above the weighbridge at height of truck along with hopper to store Iron ore. Now, the overloaded/underloaded trucks will be easily be adjusted with mini excavators located on platform.


Simulator Training: “We Put People First in Training” – Operator’s efficiency is very important in controlling the cost so we put them in training first. We bought very expensive simulators from overseas, which we very few big company has in India. Our simulator is very high fidelity model which can senses operator’s eye blink. We have two set of simulators namely Immersive Pro-3 (S-350) and Immersive (S-124) by which 650 ton class excavator operators, 240 ton dump truck operators and Electric drill operators shall be trained. We are providing training to all our operators.


Bucket Reconditioning: Thriveni has modified and fabricated the bucket size of Liebherr R996, from 26 cum to 35 cum departmentally.

Sleipner: Thriveni Earthmovers being the first mining company in India to introduce Sleipner for Dozer movements. The revolutionary Sleipner helps in improving the on-site mobility for tracked equipment. The Dozer fleet productivity increases by 12-20%, maintenance cost reduction is up to 15%, Drill Fleet undercarriage maintenance savings by 50% & maintenance labour hours reduced by 20%. Sleipner helps in fast loading, agile transporting, reliable braking and sufficient ground clearance. A totally new level of performance!


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