Innovation Meets Excellence-HEMM Leasing

Thriveni has consistently worked towards developing the capability of availability, reliability, and low maintenance cost.   Challenge Procurement of Mining Equipment has consistently remained a challenge in the mining ....


Quick Dispatch System – An In-house Innovation

The Prevailing approach in the dispatch system had limitations. Quick Dispatch system was introduced to maximize the production and efficiency, while increasing safety and control.   Challenge After the tippers were loa....


Efficient Project Execution – Mangampet Operations

The magnitude of the projects keep increasing day by day. As it grows, the projects become more complex and demanding. Efficient and effective project execution is a key to control and mitigate the risks involved in the project....


Optimizing Mining Projects – Balda Block Iron Ore Mines

The Global Mining Industry is entering into an Era of technological development. With the continuous evolution of technology and increasing scale of the projects, Mining industry is embarking the great convergence of IT and ope....


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Thriveni sands corporate film

Thriveni sands 5 stage manufacturing process

Sleipner: Fmx440 with EC750