World Class Maintenance for Mining Equipment

At Thriveni, we have always believed in the combining State of the Art Mining Operation Infrastructure with Innovative thinking.HEMM Leasing is one such idea where Innovation meets Excellence. Thriveni has established a State-of- the-Art facility to offer Refurbished Equipment and World Class maintenance for Mining Equipment. Sprawling 103 Meters long, 30 Meters wide and 22 Meters high, The Thriveni Workshop hosts an EOT crane with 30 ton capacity which is capable of covering the full length and width of the Workshop. Work cells can be created to accommodate work from the smallest components to the largest engines. The Workshop meets the highest Environment and Safety Standards. We follow the best practices to prevent dust and dirt from contaminating Engines or Filters.

List of Equipments
Equipment Category Make & Model Available Quantity
Exacavator Liebherr R-996 4
Wheel Loader Letourneau L2350 1
Wheel Loader Letourneau L1850 2
Dumper Belaz 75306 - 240 Tonne 6
Dumper Euclid EH 4500 - 280 Tonne 6
Dumper Komatsu 830 E - 240 Tonne 26
Electrical Shovel P & H 2100/BL 8
Electrical Drilling Ingersoll-Rand DMH 2

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