Corporate Social Responsibility

Thriveni has made immense contribution to inclusive and sustainable development of the community in Keonjhar District of Orissa. The company continue to focus on various activities like Community Engagement, Training Education, and Local Employment etc.

  • How Thriveni positively changed the lives of Hundreds of Youths!!
    How Thriveni positively changed the lives of Hundreds of Youths!!READ MORE
    Meet Kunti – A story of Inspiration READ MORE
  • Women Empowerment
    Empowering WomenREAD MORE
  • Old Age Home
    Giving Hand to the Needy – AnandashramREAD MORE
    Padmashree Tulasi Munda Talks about Thriveni’s Role in educationREAD MORE

How Thriveni positively changed the lives of Hundreds of Youths!

That’s when our MD Mr.Prabhakaran executed the idea of TISA (Thriveni Industrial Security Academy).There was a substantial increase in the need for private security as a result of criminalization in the country.We observed this gap and ventured to mitigate it by establishing an academy to impart six weeks of free training on industrial security duties to the unemployed local youth of the area.

Hundreds of youths and their families have been benefited by TISA and Thriveni is proud to have put their skills into positive use and breathe new life into the District!


Meet Kunti – A story of Inspiration

Kunti Nanda is a young widow with two children. After the demise of her husband 10 years ago her life had come to a standstill. Being uneducated she was unable to find employment and take care of her children. She had been a victim of neglect for quite a time when, Thriveni which has always believed in the up-liftment of women came to her rescue. Born a fighter, Kunti utilized the opportunity bestowed on her.

Thriveni not only provided an employment opportunity to her, but also gave her the confidence to enter into the mens’ stronghold and become a lady driver. She can now take good care of her children and get them educated.

She says, ‘When I joined Thriveni my outlook towards the world changed. I was very happy to have joined a company that looked after its employees and the local population.’ Perhaps more than her success, it is the flame of inspiration that she can ignite in many a rustic heart.


Empowering Women

Women discrimination have existed for generations. Although the constitution of India has granted men and women equal rights, gender disparity still remains in rural parts of India.

Thriveni is actively involved in promoting gender equality by increasing opportunities for girls and women to make life choices that go beyond limiting norms about gender. We work towards the emancipation of women from the vicious grips of social, economic, political, caste and gender-based discrimination. We are committed in creating an enabling environment for female entrepreneurs to thrive.

We have initiated measures to empower the tribal women of the area by training them on various skills like driving, tailoring, beekeeping and mushroom cultivation. This contributes to the better quality of material life through sustainable livelihoods owned and managed by women. It reduces their financial dependence on their male counterparts by making them a significant part of the Society.


Giving Hand to the Needy – Anandashram

One of the major concerns in today’s society is the increase in number of the old age homes in India. In some cases grown-ups fail to recognize their duty and feel it a burden to take care of their parents. The Senior citizens from affluent families are left in a paid retirement facility with state of the art facilities and full time care. On the other hand the less fortunate elderly are left destitute.

Thriveni has established Anandashram as a home for elderly people abandoned by their children. There are 35 inmates in the old age home where they are provided free food, clothing, accommodations, medical care and recreational facilities in a very homely atmosphere. We conduct Yoga Classes, Games and Hobby Classes so that they don’t get any undue free time to think about any external negativity. Thriveni ensures to provide an atmosphere that is positive for them and they enjoy being in each other’s company.

Tulasi Munda

Padmashree Tulasi Munda Talks about Thriveni’s Role in education

Tulasi Munda is an eminent social activist from Indian state of Orissa who has contributed her life to spread literacy among tribal people. In her early days she was a victim of child labor. Now, she has rescued hundreds of tribal children and changed their lives by setting up a school in Orissa’s mining area. She was awarded Padma Shri in 2001 by Government of India. Whenever she is asked about her work, she fondly recalls Thriveni and its role in giving life to her idea.

In her Words, “I started my work towards the education of tribal kids by 1964 and was seeing no notable progress. Thriveni came to Barbil in 2004.At that time, I was collecting Rs.10 from Everyone near the Bank of India. Thriveni People asked me “Ma ji, why are you collecting the money". I explained it to them that I wanted to start a school for the underprivileged kids and this money was being collected to use for the same. Thriveni gave me Rs.5000 for the first time, in 2004 to work for the poor. Thriveni has connected me to many generous people since then. Education is my passion. I want to educate children. I want to develop the village, help women and children. Thriveni supports the teachers and school. I am very thankful to them. Thriveni’s contributions are the highest our school receives.

I want to build my country and Thriveni is helping me to do that. Unlike Other companies, Thriveni takes good care of their employees. Whichever village Thriveni is working in, they are trying to make it prosperous and sustainable so that after the mining operations come to an end they are not left revenue less”

  • enterpreneurs

    Creating Entrepreneurs

    Thriveni took steps to create entrepreneurs by donating one tipper each to fifty local unemployed youth. Today, these fifty individuals are entrepreneurs of their own enterprise and have proceeded to buy the second and third truck.

  • agriculture

    Promotion of Agriculture

    Banspal block, one of the most under developed block of Keonjhar district was identified for promoting good agricultural practices. Village level cooperatives have been created and improved varieties of seeds and fertilizers are provided to the farmers.

  • infra

    Development of Infrastructure

    The Company is covering 35 villages for the provision of drinking water by digging 48 numbers of bore wells; Using 25 water browser and providing 33 overhead tanks with piped water tap connection in various villages.

    TEMPL has its own road project division to carry out road construction activities around the peripheral areas. It has constructed 32 Kms of road of national highway standards.

    To improve the connectivity between remote villages in jungle terrain the company has Constructed 4 bridges and large number of culverts across various water channels.

  • healthcare

    Establishing Healthcare

    Thriveni has established a very strong health care network covering 175 villages with its six dispensaries and one pathology lab. It has a daily OPD figure of fifteen hundred approximately. In addition, it has ten ambulances which are available on call for emergency purposes.

    TEMPL medical department conducts one mega health camp every month in Harichandanpur / Ghashipura block of Keonjhar district where in medical treatment along with specialist services and free medicines are provided to approximately 2000 patients. Thirteen numbers of medical camps have been conducted so far and 14,254 numbers of patients have been treated.

    It is a scheme created by TEMPL as a measure to cover the gap in the existing patient evacuation system in Keonjhar district. While the govt. has provided ambulances for the villagers up to the district hospital, patients don’t have the facilities to move safely from district hospital to nodal / referral hospital. TEMPL has established a desk at district hospital for evacuating all the patients of BPL families who are referred to the nodal hospital (SCB Medical College and hospital, Cuttack). Two ambulances with Para medical staff have been positioned at the HHD for this purpose and at the other end a transit hospital has been created with doctors and Paramedical staffs to look after the transient patients and facilitate their admission in the nodal hospital.

    The scheme was started to provide free meals to the attendant of patients admitted in Keonjhar dist. hospital, who are mostly poor and come from remote tribal areas with no one to assist them in the dist. headquarter.

  • education


    Thriveni established Thriveni Public School in the year 2010 to provide free education for underprivileged children from poor families. Thriveni also collaborates with other institutions who are working in the field of education by providing financial assistance and Infrastructure.

    Takes care of Education of Children from Tribal Families

    Thrives to provide quality education to children from BPL families, destitute and Orphans

    School of 60 children who are mostly children of sex workers

    Institute provides education facilities to visual and hearing impaired Children.