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Sleipner Commissioning for the First Time in India

Thriveni is proud to announce its Sleipner commissioning at our Mangampet mine –APMDC which makes us the pioneer in India to include sleipner commissioning in our operations.

The Sleipner E-series enables moving hydraulic excavators safely and faster. The combination (Dump truck + excavator + Sleipner) does not require any additional equipment to the fleet but the Sleipner itself. The E-series will work together with the current dumpers available in your fleet. Excavators can be used more flexibly in more contexts. The Sleipner system permits tight cornering and transit in rugged terrain. The system is straightforward and it has been approved for safety in the biggest mining countries. With no noise or vibrations, it is also not only easy-to- use, but comfortable for the operator. The merits of sleipner commissioning includes,.