Global Mining Processes

Thriveni Earthmovers Specializes in Mine Management, Production, Maintenance and Contract Mining Ventures. Offering High Level of Expertise in Contract Excavation and Hauling, Mineral processing, Stationary/Mobile Screening and Crushing, Thriveni is the preferred choice in the Global Mining Community. We Equip ourselves with the Latest Technology in Mining and State of the Art Equipment, which makes us qualified to Handle Mining Operations of any size.

Mining Strengths in THRIVENI

Thriveni makes use of Sophisticated Simulators that employ a high-fidelity Virtual Reality Environment. This improves Productivity, reduces Accidents and Reaction Time in Emergency Situations. We now use 2 Immersive technologies Simulators Having Conversion Kit for 830 E-4 Komatsu A/C Dumper, 830 E DC Dumper, Komatsu PC8000 Excavator and O&K RH200/340 Excavator with head movement sensing facility.

We believe in equipping ourselves with Fully Advanced Automation. Adhering to that Thriveni has designed two Integrated Plants (i.e.) Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Beneficiation Plant. The CPU plant, designed by our In-house Engineers facilitates continuous Screening and Crushing process to derive the Desired Output. Beneficiation Plant contributes in enriching the Metallic Value in the Mineral by 4-5% at a recovery of 50% of the Material.

This system has been established to avoid material feeding cost into screening plant, which will save 10-15 Rs/metric tonne in operation cost with one time investment. One hopper feeds the material into two screening plants with the help of Apron Feeder.

Quick Dispatch System eliminates the Need of Extra Tippers to compensate the Underweight Material in a Tipper and to avoid Tippers returning to the Loading Point to Unload the Material, If Overweight. The Loading and Weighment is done in a Single Point which has reduced the Cost and Time involved Tremendously.

Wheel loaders are used to load the Wagons and the Materials in one side and was levelled as opposed to the Manual Loading of Materials done Earlier, which had the Risk of incurring Heavy Penalty Fee if not done in a Stipulated Time. By this Wagon Leveller Initiative, a Wagon is loaded within 3 to 4 minutes Nullifying the Losses incurred due to Penalty.

Our Commitment towards a Sustainable Environment

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