Prospecting and Exploration of Mining Reserves

Thriveni specializes in Core Drilling Operations for the Prospecting and Exploration of Mining Reserves and advising users on Mining Blocks. We deploy State of the Art Machinery, highly skilled and experienced team for the Operations. Our Sophisticated Fleet comprises of BOART LONGYEAR LF 90D Core drilling Rigs, Sandvik DE710, BLDB525 with a range of Ancillary Equipment. With more than a Decade Experience in variety of Geological Situations, we have developed Specialized Drilling Methods to provide Maximum Core and Sample Recovery. We have deployed our biggest exploration rigs at Balda Block Iron ore mine which is one of the largest mines in India having 15.15 Mtpa capacity. We have done extensive exploration of about 20,000 meters with closed grid intervals in 400 ha area, which increased the remaining reserve from 50 Mt to 300 Mt.

Ongoing Projects

  • Location: Andhra Pradesh

    RC Drilling for 10,000 m in a span of 3 months

  • Location: Jharand

    Diamond core drilling for 1600m with 16 Nos of Bore holes in a span of 3 months

Completed Project

  • Location: Andhra Pradesh

    Mining Lease was granted by the State Govt. of Andhra Pradesh covering an area of 597.82 hectares with 15,800m of diamond core drilling

Our Commitment towards a Sustainable Environment

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