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Thriveni Earthmovers Bags various Awards in 19th MEMC 2017

We are happy to announce that during the 19th MEMC Week, 2016-17 Award ceremony held on 13th January, 2017 under the aegis of IBM, Bhubaneswar, our different projects has bagged the following awards in different categories


1.Balda Block Iron Mines of M/s. Serajuddin & Co. - Overall 2nd Prize

2.Unchabali Iron & Mn Mines of Smt. Indrani Patnaik - 1st Prize in Reclamation and Rehabilitation 

3. Murgabeda Project - 3rd Prize in Reclamation and Rehabilitation 

4. Deojhar Iron Ore Mines of M/s. Tarini Minerals Pvt. Ltd - 2nd Prize in Systematic and Scientific Developments 

5. Joruri Iron Ore Mines of M/s. Kalinga Mining Corporation - 3rd Prize in Mineral Beneficiation 

6. Nuagaon Iron Ore Mines of M/s. KJS Ahluwalia - 3rd Prize in Sustainable Development and 2nd Prize in Publicity and Propaganda

7. Narayanposhi Iron & MN Mines of M/s. Aryan Mining and Trading Corporation - 2nd Prize in Reclamation and Rehabilitation and Environmental Monitoring,3rd Prize in Mineral Conservation. 



Saturday, January 14, 2017